About Us

Welcome to the American Glove & Safety Supply Inc. website. We specialize in all types of safety products: hand protection, leather gloves, coated gloves, cotton gloves, high performance gloves, supported gloves, unsupported gloves, disposable gloves, welding gloves, welding apparel, rainwear, safety eyewear, flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, respirators, hearing protection, etc.

We have been supplying quality safety supplies since February of 2006. We are located in central Florida.

Below is a brief list of products we offer. Please visit our online catalog on the right side of this page for our full inventory. If you are in need of something not in our catalog, please contact us with your inquiry to check availability.

GLOVES: Leather Gloves, Coated Gloves, Cotton Gloves, High Performance Gloves, Supported Gloves and Unsupported Gloves, Disposable Gloves, and Welding Gloves.

FLASHLIGHTS: Regular battery flashlights, rechargeable battery flashlights, head lamps and accessories.

FIRST AID ONLY:  First Aid Kits, First Aid Kit Refills and supplies, eye wash and eye wash stations.

HEARING PROTECTION: Disposable Earplugs and Reusable earplugs, corded and un-corded ear plugs and ear muffs.

HEAD PROTECTION: Hardhats, caps, sweatbands, and face shields.

RESPIRATORS: Disposable N95, R95, Reusable half mask, Reusable full face mask, and Nuisance.

EYE PROTECTION: Safety glasses and safety goggles, Force Flex safety glasses, and   tri-wear safety glasses.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Tyvek suits and sleeves, lab coats, safety vests, rainwear, reflective coats, and  reflective T-shirts, shoe covers and aprons.