This Heavy Weight Gerson is Soft and Comfortable with 3-Way Stretch. Wearing this Spray Sock Protects your Hair and Face from Paint Over Spray.  All Cut Edges are Stitch Finished to be Lint Free.  
Each Sock is 100% Bleached Cotton for a Cooler Feeling.


  • Soft & Comfortable with 3-Way Stretch
  • Protects Hair & Face from Paint Over Spray
  • Dry Wick 100% Bleached Cotton for Cooler Feeling    
  • All Cut Edges Stitch Finished to be Lint Free    
  • One Size Fits All

GER-070195B- Gerson Non-Linting Soft, Comfortable Protective 100% Cotton Spray Sock with 3-Way Stretch, $24.76 - Packed/12 Per Box

  • $24.76

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